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Growing up in Brazil, I was surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables that sparked my passion for healthy, real food. 

I couldn’t find a filling, nutritious snack when I came to the United States, so I perfected an original recipe for a low-calorie, high fiber snack with no added sugar. 

I hope our deliciously wholesome JanaBanana bars make a positive difference in your life, too.  


I would like to introduce you all to our new adventure: JanaBanana girls soccer team!!
For a long time I have wanted to help the community where I grew up, but it is quite difficult. However with lots of help and hopefully your help too we are able to empower this group pf young girls to change the world through sports.


The community is located in the Vale do Ribeira region in the south of the state of São Paulo Brazil. It contains a large part of the Ribeira de Iguape River valley. The region is environmentally rich, with large areas of well-preserved Atlantic Forest, but economically poor. 


The JanaBanana project is designed to increase and sustain young women’s participation in sport and physical activity enhancing some of Brazil’s most disadvantaged communities. Together with the local members of the community and the local government, JanaBanana is committed to promoting sport for disadvantaged young women. It is exhilarating to  see the happiness in their eyes and know that they are not alone. We are starting with a small group and hopefully we will be able to grow and make a difference in the lives of so many girls and their families.