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Owned and operated by a passionate woman who values good food. We are part of a new movement for simple and healthy food powered by the world's favorite fruit: BANANAS.


100% Natural Sun Ripened Bananas

A great source of minerals and fiber, this snack can keep you energized and provide everyday people with healthy nutrition necessary for productive workouts. After growing up in Brazil and having access to the best and freshest foods and vegetables, we decided to share one of our biggest secrets with the world. 

In Brazil, green bananas have been used to eradicate malnutrition among kids, while bananas snacks has always been one of the favorite school meals. We gather with the best suppliers and produced this incredible, 100% natural healthy snacks and banana flour for you and your family to enjoy! 

With many years experience in acquiring an in-depth knowledge of Brazilian fruit extracts. JanaBanana's exclusive formulations produce a great tasting range of Gluten Free health food products and fruit snacks which can be used to create some new and exciting tastes. 

Inspired by original Brazilian flavorings, JanaBanana is continuing to develop a range of products to both enhance a healthy diet whilst at the same time introducing a whole new experience in both tastes and textures. JanaBanana products are 100% natural and produced from the finest ingredients.


Paleo - Vegan - Gluten-Free

Many people think being gluten free is solely for those who are Celiac but there's many people eating a gluten free diet for other reasons and the results have proven them a happier, healthier life style!

In another hand with our snack bars we want to celebrate and cherish life. Our ingredients choices actively demonstrate compassion and respect for all living beings. As a Vegan and Paleo product we promote non-violence and equality; and oppose to violence and discrimination.

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